The Emotional Wellness Society
Lexie Wilson

The Emotional Wellness Society

Lexie Wilson

Welcome to The Emotional Wellness Society

A community to help women & women identifying how to heal from predatory MLM's + toxic relationships

About Me

I'm Lexie! I'm a former therapist turned  Coach + Speaker who helps women heal from toxic relationships. I've created this free community to provide coaching + guides so women can learn how to create boundaries and protect their energy so they can focus on following their dreams & pursuing their purpose. 

Why You Should Join!

Inside you'll find coaching, guides, tools, online events, and community! If you've been looking for a safe space to explore your emotional healing and learn how to protect your energy from a former Therapist and lover of all things Energy + Astrology.... this is for you! 

Who Should Join?

☾ Women & Women Identifying
☾ Women who love talking + learning about energy
☾ Women who want a community of women to talk to about relationships, boundaries, personal growth, and spiritual healing
☾ Women who have been looking for coaching + resources to learn how to protect their energy + create boundaries

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